Top 5 things to know about campus computing

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  1. How do I set up my email?

    Set up your email on your mobile device, tablet or desktop by following these instructions. 

  2. How do I connect to the network?

    The UW-Madison wireless network service, “UWNet,” is available in most campus buildings. Users need to select the network and open a web browser to be redirected to the login page. Simply login with your NetID and password to start using the wireless network.

  3. What software do I need?

    UW-Madison provides no-charge software through our Campus Software Library and low-cost software at the DoIT Tech Store. 

    Additionally, as a UW-Madison student, you get free Microsoft Office 365 and Symantec antivirus software.

  4. How should I store and backup data?

    There are two different methods you can use to backup your data:

    The best backup solution will typically integrate both an online backup service and an offline backup utility to ensure your data is secure no matter what happens you your computer.

  5. How do I keep my computer and data safe?

    UW-Madison’s Electronic Devices Policy requires all campus users to run anti-virus software, keep security patches updated and, whenever possible, maintain a dedicated firewall. You should also follow these best practices to protect yourself and contribute to a safer computing environment for everyone.

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